Our elementary school offers a fully bilingual programme. Our students follow the curriculum in English and French on alternate days. In addition to regular subjects, Art, Music and Physical Education are taught by specialists on a weekly basis.

Students are given opportunities to perform at concerts or special activities and thus use their talents and develop poise and confidence. Field trips are an important part of the curriculum and take place throughout the year to various points of interest depending on the grade level. The Physical Education department organizes a Field day in June as part of the programme.

There are many ways in which the staff and students let the Christian character of Emmanuel shine through. Some of these are:

  • Elementary students have a time of devotions as a group in their classes every morning.
  • Bible lessons are taught several times each week.
  • Bible verses are memorized on a regular basis.
  • The truth of the Scriptures is integrated into all the subjects of the curriculum.
  • Events of the Christian calendar are underlined.
  • We insist on a Biblically-based code of conduct.


Our Kindergarten offers an all-day programme where the student is taught in both French and English on alternate days.

Early Childhood Education

The child is integrated into a group situation, where we endeavour to help him/her increase his/her ability to function both as a member of a group and also individually. Our aim is to develop the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically – through our programme which includes pre-reading, pre-mathematics, music, physical education, art and Bible stories.

Swim and Gym

A special feature is our “Swim and Gym” programme, taught by the qualified instructors of the Pointe Claire Aquatic Centre. The children go to Swim and Gym each Wednesday and greatly enjoy this outing every week.

A variety of after-school activities are available, including Robotics, Baking and Mad Science.