High School

The High School offers a challenging bilingual program from Secondary 1 (Grade 7) to Secondary 5 (Grade 11). Our students graduate with a High School diploma (Diplôme d’Études Secondaires, Formation générale)  accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Education (Ministère de l’Éducation, Enseignement Supérieur).

Our educational program encompasses excellent academics and meaningful opportunities for spiritual growth in order to equip our students to become well-balanced individuals who are confident, independent, tolerant and adaptable.

Students enjoy a curriculum that is well planned, wide-ranging and enriching, together with an outstanding variety of extra-curricular activities and sports such as Basketball, Badminton, Curling, Indoor & Outdoor Soccer, Track & Field, Floor Hockey as well as a new Ice Hockey club.  The program is delivered by well-qualified and enthusiastic staff. The English High School is committed to offering balanced education that is academically and spiritually stimulating and suitable for students of all ages, aptitudes and interests.

Our students grow to become intellectually curious, analytical and reflective learners. They develop into principled, tolerant and supportive community members and active contributors to society.

The school’s program features:

  • A Science and Mathematics programme designed to prepare capable students for entry into Health Sciences or Pure and Applied Sciences at the CEGEP level.
  • Science Fair in Secondary 2, 3 and 5 which leads to regional and provincial competitions.
  • French language instruction consisting of either Français Langue d’Enseignement or French Second Language according to the capabilities of the student.
  • English language instruction consisting of either English mother tongue or English as a Second Language according to the capabilities of the student.
  • Our English and French Language Arts programmes offer the students an opportunity to take part in Annual Public Speaking contests which lead to a final competition against other QAIS affiliated schools across Montreal.
  • Local and international mission opportunities for Secondary 3 students.
  • A Creative Arts programme at all grade levels (art, drama, music and media arts) as well as an annual arts presentation, including a play, music, and media.
  • An active student council which organizes a variety of activities such as free dress days, pizza days, formals, retreats and more.
  • Positive Behaviour Strategy  which fosters a sense of responsibility for one’s actions and choices and encourages meaningful and positive participation within the school community.
  • School intranet system for easy tracking of student progress.
  • Involvement in the wide range of extracurricular opportunities offered at our school is strongly encouraged. Sport, drama, music, community outreach, public speaking competitions, debating, yearbook and other activities allow students to develop leadership, communication and team-working skills.

This is accomplished within the context of Christian life training that features:

  • Homeroom devotions at every level including Bible readings and prayer.
  • Bible study as part of the Moral Religious Education (MRE) curriculum.
  • Student-led assemblies with special consideration for key events in the Christian calendar.
  • Teachers, who endorse the Statement of Faith of the school and present a Christian world and life view in all of their courses.