Student Life


Art courses are offered at all elementary levels, in secondary 1 and 2 as well as a Creative Arts option in secondary 3, 4 and 5. An annual Art Festival showcases the beautiful works of Art done throughout the year.


Drama is a Creative Art course given in Secondary 3 and as an option in Secondary 4 and 5. Our annual drama production showcases our students’ talent and the quality of our program. Well trained through our Creative Arts courses, several of our alumni have gone on to lead roles in the Lakeshore Light Opera.



Our library contains over 16,000 volumes in English and French. Elementary students visit the library twice a week, in both French and English classes. High school students have access to the library all day.


Our secondary 3 students have the opportunity to serve and share the gospel at an international and local level. Our international mission trips  have taken us to destinations such as Belize, Peru and Panama. Local teams serve with various Christian ministries in Montreal. Both our local and international missions strengthen student relationships and allow them to serve in a variety of different ways.

Student reflections on missions:

  • “Bonding through the spirit was just an amazing experience. What an amazing God!”

  • “God has really changed me. I am even more determined to serve Him.”

  • “I will never forget all the kids with those big smiles on their faces!”  

  • “My experience this week was that we assume people on the street and other places aren’t visible, but they are. They’re people just like us. They can be poor or rich but can still be full of life.”


Music classes are offered every week at all elementary levels. At the high school level, Music classes are given in Secondary 2 and as a Creative Arts option in Secondary 3 to 5. High School students may also join the Worship Band. Students perform at our assemblies and at our Dedication Service.

Resource Help

Our Elementary and High School Resource teachers provide help with second-hand learning and limited help with mild learning challenges. They work closely with classroom teachers to give additional support and enhance student success.

Swim & Gym

Weekly swimming and gym lessons are included in the Kindergarten program in addition to the regular 2 periods of physical education each week. Students are taught by qualified instructors at the Pointe-Claire Aquatic Center. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as helpers and witness their children having a wonderful time in the pool.


Secondary 4 and 5 students have the opportunity to participate in an international trip depending on student interest and teacher availability. The graduating class often organizes a trip to a U.S. destination such as New York or Boston.