School Life Volunteers

We encourage parents to volunteer in the school! Please contact volunteer@emmanuelcs.ca

The School Life Volunteers are a group of parents and some friends/grandparents that work together to enrich the lives of our students and our school. We organize activities and host many events that take place throughout the school year.

Some of these include:  

  • Welcome BBQ in September
  • Christmas Brunch for High School
  • Elementary Christmas Sale
  • Christmas decorating
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Pizza Days
  • Student Reward Lunches
  • Secret Prayer Partners
  • Pastors’ Tea
  • and many other events that come up throughout the year.

Funds are raised through pizza sales to purchase items for our school that are not covered by the tuition fees (ex: student rewards, funding student activities,etc.) to help our school flourish. We also use these funds to bless our teachers on Teacher Appreciation Week and provide for miscellaneous events that come up throughout the year. We support the school’s Drama Production Fundraiser, and we also furnish coffee and baking for the Open House, school concerts, etc.

As volunteers in the school, we are blessed to be able to work alongside teachers and staff. We see our children involved in different activities throughout their day, we get to know their friends and our children are happy to see us at school. We also have an amazing opportunity to fellowship with other Christian parents.

However, we are not able to continue to carry out these activities without your help. This is why we are asking each family to help out in some way. We know that many of you work full time, but there are activities that can be done from home in the evenings such as baking, translating forms, organizing events and helping teachers.

We meet on the first Thursday of each month. We send out the minutes of our meetings by email to those on our email list, so if you are not able to attend, you can still follow what is happening and see any needs that have come up.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need further information.


Tracey McArthur

Chair of School Life Volunteer Committee (SLV)